Startup Platform Development




From Idea to Product

As a startup you have your idea and original concept. Transforming it into a product requires technology guidance and experience. A poorly planned product can turn into a business burden for your startup, bringing exaggerated costs into any expansion plans. Architectural limitations and technical debt can also quickly turn into the extra hurdles your company does not need to face.

Building is Just Half the Job

HelloBuild will develop a product that can move your startup forward, but developing it is the simpler part. A correct design, operational, maintenance, and deployment strategy are all key needs for any product. Common mistakes include glossing over operational complexity, generating such technical debt that it gets in the way of a company's growth.

Common Needs


Create a Product Development Plan

Perfection is the enemy of progress, but only if you have the correct development plan. Scoping out your MVP coupled with efficient iterative development can create enough momentum to support a successful product that keeps evolving easily.


Define an Operational Support Strategy

Your product is not done once the MVP is in the hand of your customers. A successful deployment takes into consideration customer complaints and feedback on what to improve. Such evolution can only happen if your product is operating successfully. Down time and other operational failures will end up costing customers to any startup.


Maintenance and Expansion

Successful products need to be able to evolve quickly. Technical debt is commonly suspected as the main problem affecting software products, but a poor maintenance and expansion strategy can be as painful (if not deadly) for new products.


How We Do It

We assemble teams to suit the solutions you need. We are not a “rent-a-dev” type of shop that touts thousands of developers. Our specialized teams are assembled to deliver great solutions consistently for our customers, along with products that we use in house. You will not hear us advertise that we work with every technology out there, because we specialize in what we do best and focus on quality.

Why Us

We have a great team (retention over 90% since inception), with great professional experience. Even that might not be our key differentiator. Our edge is our approach. We are not a company of sales people, we are product builders and as such we will focus on giving you a working product with a working strategy. We do not pull any punches nor hide any challenges. Partnering with us ensures you get a collaborator that will not apply any filters on reality. We promise we will celebrate victories together, as much as identify, call out and work through issues as they arise.

Our Track Record

HelloBuild has been lucky enough to have worked with partners in several industries. Our digital transformation successes include digitizing the core sales processes for a partner that does business at a global scale to enabling online and mobile banking for financial institutions.




Cloud Native

All of our solutions at HelloBuild are cloud-native. We have consistently deployed and optimized solutions on Azure and AWS. From fully cloud based to hybrid solutions, which integrate to on-premises legacy systems.


JavaScript & NodeJS

Our focus is simple: a modern stack designed to support web & mobile powered solutions. We focus on Javascript programming with our core engines running on top of NodeJS.


GraphQL & ReactJS

We work on modern frameworks, almost exclusively. Harnessing the power of ReactJS, React Native and GraphQL we deliver solutions to industries ranging from banking to staffing and logistics.


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