Cloud Operational Excellence & Upgrades




You are Running on the Cloud. Now What?

Cloud operations are the norm in modern enterprises. From simple SaaS offerings that are crucial to business processes to cloud-native companies that have no physical infrastructure and leverage hosted services as well as cloud computing capacity. The challenge is no longer deciding whether to run on the cloud, it is how to run more efficiently on the cloud.

How Much Overhead is Needed?

The amount of web service offerings, options and configurations makes it very hard to define an efficient cloud based operation. Service redundancy, cross cloud operations plus a mess of access controls (at both the user level and network level) are common issues. Something as simple as managing email accounts can become unwieldy without the correct strategy.

You Know Your Needs. Do You Know Your Strategy?

No matter how different most enterprises are they do share some basic needs. Communication software (group message, email, and more), file exchange & archival, hosting, and also computing capacity. Shared needs do not equate to cookie cutter solutions and a no-strategy approach will quickly snowball into expensive costs, where complexity ends up consuming much needed resources.


Identify Existing Tools and Solutions Used

So you set up your cloud powered infrastructure without a strategy. We can help guide you to fix this. The process to follow is as simple as identifying what you have and what you need. We help you identify your key processes, and which tools best support them.


Discover Critical Gaps and Security Concerns

A key concern that is frequently pushed aside is security. Most service offerings allow computationally secure configurations, but they will often default to insecure settings, to opt for low friction signups and customer acquisition. We can audit and enhance your cloud security.


Create a Lean Roadmap that Saves You Time and Money

Where you are today is important but so is where you will go next. After cleaning up your cloud footprint and reducing your overhead, it is important to understand expansion. How to best support growth across the organization. Any ad hoc or unplanned expansion will surely end up being a costly one. We focus on providing an actionable expansion plan based on what you need, taking into consideration how you leverage cloud services.


How We Do It

We assemble teams to suit the solutions you need. We are not a “rent-a-dev” type of shop that touts thousands of developers. Our specialized teams are assembled to deliver great solutions consistently for our customers, along with products that we use in house. You will not hear us advertise that we work with every technology out there, because we specialize in what we do best and focus on quality.

Why Us

We have a great team (retention over 90% since inception), with great professional experience. Even that might not be our key differentiator. Our edge is our approach. We are not a company of sales people, we are product builders and as such we will focus on giving you a working product with a working strategy. We do not pull any punches nor hide any challenges. Partnering with us ensures you get a collaborator that will not apply any filters on reality. We promise we will celebrate victories together, as much as identify, call out and work through issues as they arise.

Our Track Record

HelloBuild has been lucky enough to have worked with partners in several industries. Our digital transformation successes include digitizing the core sales processes for a partner that does business at a global scale to enabling online and mobile banking for financial institutions.


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